Our Feelings and God’s Promises

“I don’t always feel His presence. But God’s promises do not depend upon my feelings; they rest upon His integrity.” (RC Sproul)

My feelings are fickle. Are yours, too? Surely I’m not alone. One day I feel like I have everything together—I am resisting temptation, loving my wife, honoring God with my work, caring for my kids, and serving my church. Other days not so much—I give in to temptation and my selfishness creeps in too quickly in other spheres of life.

And yes, feelings do matter, but we should never base His presence on our feelings. If I have had a miserable day, perhaps I will feel as though God has hidden His face from me. But His Word tells me has hasn’t. And you can bet I’ll trust God’s Word over my feelings (at least when I’m doing this correctly).

Christian, God’s promises for you don’t rest on how you feel, but on God Himself. Though our feelings change, God never does. His promises never change or falter because God never changes or falters. We can trust in God despite our feelings.

That is the best news. No matter how I’m feeling—miserable, anxious, downcast, you name it—I can know that His promises don’t depend on how I am doing but on His character.

It doesn’t get better than that. Trust Him!

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