Taking No for an Answer

My second book, Taking No for an Answer: How to Respond When God Says No to Our Prayers is officially available for purchase on Amazon!

This book was about a year and a half in the making. I’m so thankful for those who contributed, helped, edited, and sacrificed for me. I’m supremely thankful to my wife, Shale. This book doesn’t happen without her selflessness and sacrifice. Above all, I’m thankful to God and His grace. May He be glorified and His church be edified.

Here are some details about the book.

With a foreword by Tim Challies (thanks, Tim!), Taking No for an Answerseeks to move Christians beyond the Why? question of unanswered prayer and rather wants to ask How can this make me more like Jesus? For how we respond to unanswered prayers plays an instrumental role in our sanctification, God’s good for us (Romans 8:29). 

Tim Challies, blogger at Challies.com and author of Seasons of Sorrow

From the foreword: “Best of all, he can point you to the character of the God who loves you, who has saved you by his grace, and whose heart is always tenderly inclined toward you. He can point you to the Father who loves you as a precious child and who is every bit as compassionate in his ‘no’ as in his ‘yes.’”

Below are those who endorsed this 138-page work and their respective endorsements:

Jared C. Wilson, Assistant Prof. and Author in Residence at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, author of Love Me Anyway

“When God says no to a request, we often fail to see it as an invitation to deeper trust in Him. But this is exactly where Blake Long takes us in his new book, Taking No for an Answer. With careful and biblical insight, and with meaningful personal stories, Blake helps us see the deepest prayer life is not about using God, but about knowing him.” 

Daniel Darling, Director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement and bestselling author of several books, including, The Dignity Revolution, A Way With Words, and The Characters of Christmas

“I have always hated it when God tells me no, through a slammed door, a rejection letter, or a pink slip and I’m not sure anyone does. How do we respond when our lives take turns we didn’t anticipate? How do we react when our dreams are crushed? When we suffer loss? Blake Long walks us through the pages of Scripture and helps us to see that God’s ‘no’ is often a ‘yes’ to something better. If you are having a hard time trusting God in the dark, if you are confused and afraid by what you are seeing around you, this book helps you find your way back to faith again.”

Aaron Armstrong, author of I’m a Christian—Now What?: A Guide to Your New Life with Christ

“With wisdom and compassion, Blake Long helps us see the goodness of God’s “no” as he equips readers to discern when to persevere in prayer and when he might be redirecting us. This is a message I wish I had heard as a new believer. It’s one I still need to remember today. And it’s one I’m sure will bless you in the days after you read this book.” 

Darryl Dash, Pastor, Liberty Grace Church; author of 8 Habits for Growth

“Prayer is hard, especially when our prayers seem to go unanswered. In Taking No for An Answer, Blake Long shares from his own experience, and points us to God’s goodness and grace even when He says no. Biblical, practical, and hopeful, this book will help you grow in prayer.”

Kevin P. Halloran, Project Manager at Open the Bible, author, When Prayer Is a Struggle

“Unanswered prayer can make or break our faith. Blake Long has put together a fantastic guide to build our faith when God doesn’t answer us in the way we want. It’s personal, practical, and deeply encouraging. Every Christian would benefit from reading this book and taking its message to heart.”

Dr. Ed Romine, Pastor of Education and Evangelism, at First Baptist Church of Provo, Utah; itinerant preacher, evangelist.

“Every Christian has struggled with seemingly unanswered prayer. In his new book Taking No for An Answer: How to Respond When God Says No to Our Prayers, Blake Long encourages us in our prayer lives when we don’t get the answers from God that we think we want/need. Filled with theology and worship, Long’s concise book will aid you in trusting God in all his sovereign answers to your prayers. Buy this book, and worship your God!”