Theology is a bad word to many Christians. It brings negative connotations of being know-it-alls since we know “knowledge puffs up” (1 Cor. 8:1). Christians are, rightfully so, afraid of being eggheads. However, that shouldn’t hinder us from this work. We must understand that the spiritual discipline of studying theology is not only for scholars, pastors, and the like. It is for every Christian. All Christians are, by definition, theologians.

If we are Christians, we need theology, since theology is the study of God.

The purpose behind this blog is to glorify God by writing theological material that is meant not only to explain different theological concepts, but show how theology affects our lives. People need to see that theology is a good thing and, as Christians, we need to be students of the Word.

From time to time I will write more personally. Even then, theology will saturate that as well.

This is why Theology & Life exists. I hope you enjoy.

Soli Deo Gloria