For the Anxious Mind

Christian, God cares for and loves you. Scripture attests to that all over.

This truth, and the truth of all God’s promises, need to be replayed over and over in my mind, for it is far too easy to forget then. When I do forget them—and it’s more times than I’d like to admit—I become anxious. I do things on my own power. I rely on my own strength and perceived wisdom.

And when happens, commence more anxiety.

Believer, God doesn’t want you to be anxious. To be sure, I’m not speaking of clinical anxiety—that’s a different subject. I am speaking of the anxiety of Matthew 6, where God tells us not to be anxious. What good can anxiety do to us except reveal a distrust, whether small or large, in God’s plan, protection, and control over our lives?

God beckons us to trust Him, to believe Him, to cast all our anxieties upon Him. I believe it’s true—anxiety is sinful because it shows a lack of trust. But God doesn’t want us to be anxious, for there is never a need to be. So when we are anxious—and anxiety-riddled thoughts overtake our hearts and minds—we should ask God to forgive us and help us overcome anxiety. Cast those thoughts upon Him and look to Him for sustaining grace.

He will no doubt provide it.

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