Year in Review

Friends, it has been another great year for my blog, Theology & Life! God has been gracious to bring more visitors to my site. Hopefully those people have been impacted for the better by my writing.

Last year my blog had a total viewership of a little over 36,000! That was the most I’ve ever had since beginning in 2018. This year my blog received nearly 30,000. Though that’s lower than last—primarily due to taking more time off to work on my book—it’s still a great number.

To be sure, I don’t write blogs for the numbers. Yes, I have to resist the temptation of caring too much about numbers, but my goal is not to accrue a mass following. I write what I write because 1) I love to write and 2) I write to serve.

With that said, Here are the five most-viewed posts:

The Agony of Church Discipline Carried Out

“What should you do when this happens to a fellow church member? In my opinion, there’s only one thing you can do: pray.”

If You Believe the Bible

“If you believe the Bible—if you believe the Word of God is the supreme authority—then prepare to be laughed at, scoffed at, and insulted.”

I Didn’t Want to Go to Church

“When your heart says ‘No’ to church, get on your knees and pray. Pray for forgiveness, for strength to get up and go, for grace to push through.”

What Should We Think About Bethel Music?

“God is not interested in how artistic you are if you are not honoring Him in your art.”

Theology Without Affection

“At the end of the day, God isn’t in the business of merely filling your mind with knowledge. He doesn’t want a mere mind change, but a heart change. Not simply brain work, but heart work.”

Much of the attention my blog has received this year is in no small part due to Tim Challies sharing them on his A La Carte section of his blog. For that, Tim, I am grateful. Thank you.

You will continue to see new weekly blog posts on Friday, with a rare blog thrown in mid-week. That happens when I have a topic in my head that I can’t get out or if I have important news.

Thank you all for reading my blog! I hope you continue to be edified by my writing. To God be the glory!

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