Why Christians Care So Much about Abortion

You may have noticed in the news recently the Supreme Court of the United States, in a 5-4 decision, decided against blocking a controversial Texas law regarding abortion. In the words of Michael Scott, “How the turn tables.” For decades now, Christians have seen states pass heartbeat bills only for them to be struck downContinue reading “Why Christians Care So Much about Abortion”

Pondering the Prevalency of Critical Race Theory

If you’ve been watching, there has been talk about this thing—worldview, analytical tool, whatever—called Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT is, in my perspective, an anti-Christian worldview that seeks to categorize different cultural issues like gender, ethnicity, etc. in attempt to better understand and combat racism. However, from what I see, it does exactly the opposite.Continue reading “Pondering the Prevalency of Critical Race Theory”

Navigating the “Social Justice” Debate

If you’ve peaked your head into the news realm in the past few years—specifically as it pertains to evangelicalism—you will undoubtedly see the discussions centered around one concept: social justice. (Even though it’s not the greatest term to use.) This term has greatly divided the body of Christ. Faithful Christians aren’t agreeing, metaphorical walls haveContinue reading “Navigating the “Social Justice” Debate”

Responding to 3 Common Arguments by Pro-Choicers

Abortion is a very sensitive issue. This is undoubtedly true, as it can creation fiction even amongst the closest people. However, abortion is also a very important issue—it’s not one we can just not talk about. We must address it. Pro-lifers, including myself, have made arguments against abortion for years, and they have all remainedContinue reading “Responding to 3 Common Arguments by Pro-Choicers”