Why Christians Care So Much about Abortion

You may have noticed in the news recently the Supreme Court of the United States, in a 5-4 decision, decided against blocking a controversial Texas law regarding abortion.

In the words of Michael Scott, “How the turn tables.”

For decades now, Christians have seen states pass heartbeat bills only for them to be struck down in a higher court because they are deemed “unconstitutional.” Time after time we mourn those laws being struck down, as it means more innocent, unborn lives lost to the horrendous practice of abortion.

As you would imagine, Christians are ecstatic about SCOTUS’ decision! The Texas law is officially in place and will save thousands of lives.

With the clear indication that pro-choicers are going to throw temper-tantrums about this for awhile, I thought it would be necessary to explain why we, as Christians, care so much about abortion.

The Killing of an Innocent Human

The header above could also be entitled, “Murder,” for that is what abortion is—murder. The intentional killing of another humans. Spare me the cop-outs. The vast majority of abortions are elective and done for pure convenience.

Yes, to be sure, we must show compassion to rape victims. We must be tender-hearted to victims of incest. But do we murder the child for the crime of the father? By no means! We should not minimize a victim’s trauma; real people go through horrific things. Victims of rape and incest need compassion and help; they need counseling and community.

But abortion is not the proper response. We don’t say that because we’re cold hearted and don’t care about one’s trauma. We say it because abortion is murder regardless.

The Little Ones Have Inherent Value

Just like all people, unborn children are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26). Since that is true, that means they have inherent worth, value, and dignity given to them by God—not man. Man does not assign worth to others, but only God. We must only acknowledge it.

When we destroy that life—for whatever invalid reason—we are ignoring the image of God in them. Why is it such a big deal to kill somebody but not a wasp? Because wasps aren’t created in the image of God. Humans have inherent value bestowed on us by our Creator. The reason we treat people with respect is because, ultimately, they are God’s creation.

As such, we devalue the image of God in the unborn when we kill them in the womb. The unborn are their own person—different from the mother. Distinct blood, distinct DNA, distinct everything.

We Won’t Shut Up

This is not an issue we are going to shrug off—as one may notice since Roe v. Wade. Christians, specifically, will not back down from this. We will continue to be compassionate, graceful, and loving—but we will also not compromise. We will not stand down. The amount of unborn lives that have been killed via abortion is one too many.

We will not shut up about this.

Why do Christians care so much about the sanctify of life? Because, fundamentally, we care about God’s glory. And in this respect, we care about God’s glory displayed in humankind. The atrocity of abortion will not go unnoticed.

This is only the beginning. May we praise God for the Texas bill as it will, undoubtedly, save many lives. But let’s keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing.

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