Pondering the Prevalency of Critical Race Theory

If you’ve been watching, there has been talk about this thing—worldview, analytical tool, whatever—called Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT is, in my perspective, an anti-Christian worldview that seeks to categorize different cultural issues like gender, ethnicity, etc. in attempt to better understand and combat racism.

However, from what I see, it does exactly the opposite. Rather than bringing unity, it creates division. Rather than fostering love, it promotes hatred. Rather than cultivating harmony, it brings forth dysfunction. CRT, in every form, is simply demonic.

And yet, there are many in Southern Baptist (SBC) circles who have become CRT watchdogs. Discernment bloggers no longer care about the Calvinism/Arminianism debate but have shifted their focus as to if SBC elites are secretly closest liberals who are trying to push forward the CRT agenda.

It’s exhausting.

May I offer a different solution or opinion?

I will say it clearly: CRT is bad and influencing the culture everyday. Christians should combat that with the gospel to the culture. The question is not Is CRT bad? Yes, it’s an ungodly worldview. The question is, Is CRT really prevalent in the majority of SBC churches? Highly doubtful.

You can disagree with me. That’s fine. I have many people close to me who I know will disagree with me. We can disagree—even sharply—with love and grace.

But, please . . . hear me out. What if we refocused our attention on things within the SBC that are actually a huge problem? Say, like, complementarianism and gender roles? The new president of the SBC, Ed Litton, had his wife preach with him on different occasions. That’s an issue in my mind.

I’ll just be honest with you. I think Satan has done a terrific job of dividing otherwise unified Christians on the topic of CRT when it wasn’t ever necessary. No, I didn’t like Resolution 9 at the 2019 convention. But they also passed one this year (Resolution 2) that may not name CRT, but clearly calls us to reject any worldly theories that go against the gospel.

There are some who have left the SBC because of the seminary presidents’ rejection of CRT. Sayonara. I love you, brothers, but if you’re going to leave the SBC simply because we repudiate CRT, then it’s probably for the best you leave the denomination.

And yes, there are some in evangelical circles who have adopted the CRT worldview and have indeed abandoned the gospel. But those, as I’ve seen, are very rare.

Again, most layman SBC members don’t have a clue what CRT is . . . but apparently it’s a massive issue in the SBC and it’s a sinking ship?

I’m sorry, you haven’t convinced me.

I wrote this not because I think I will convince anybody. Most people have made up their minds about this issue as it concerns the SBC. I wrote it because I’m exhausted. I’m so tired of talking about it.

Hershael York said it best on Twitter recently:

A second observation about #SBC21: Southern Baptists do not like Critical Race Theory but they also don’t like being told that caring deeply about racial reconciliation is CRT. They know the difference.

Caring deeply about (I would say) ethnic harmony does not mean you are an advocate for CRT. And it’s utter nonsense to think that.

Church, let’s get back to bigger, more prevalent issues.

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  1. Paul says:

    Would yiu mind defining Critical Race Theory, where it originated and where it is being taught?


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