Ugly Tears

The other evening I was driving, headed to get dinner. I decided to listen to Shane and Shane’s “All-Sufficient Merit.”

Not only is this my favorite song right now, but certainly among the best ever. There are several lines in this rich, theological song that make me cry ugly tears—and I mean ugly tears. But the one that commences the waterworks the most often is, “No more debt I owe.”

Those five words break me; five small words—a mere 14 letters—that have the power to make a grown man cry ugly, uncontrollable tears. No more debt I owe. Is that not the greatest truth one could ever hear? I owe no more debt to God—I am debt free.

Not because of my own actions, of course, but because of Jesus. His sacrificial death on the cross paid for all my sin. Glorious. And here’s the even crazier thing: it’s not that I simply don’t owe Him any more debt. It’s much more than that. I am also declared righteous before God in Christ! Not only has my debt been paid, but I have been credited righteousness!

Friends, that’s the beauty of the gospel—an unworthy sinner has his debt paid and is then cloaked in the righteousness of Christ. Our sin imputed to Jesus; His righteousness imputed to us. The great exchange.

Don’t afraid to cry ugly tears at the sound of the gospel, whether you’re in the car, church, or even at work. Sometimes the gospel is simply too overwhelming!

Author’s Note: I’d love to hear what song or truth makes you cry “ugly tears.” Let me know in the comments!

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