God Made Me Because He Loves Me

My wife and I were doing a catechism while the kids were in the tub, and I told Jovi, my almost four year old, to fill in the blank of Genesis 1:1.

Me: “In the beginning, God made…”

Jovi: “Jovi!!”

Me: “[Laughing] Very true. He also made everything!” Do you know why God made you? (Waiting for her to say ‘I don’t know.’)

Jovi: Because He loves me!

Commence the butterflies! The technical answer in our catechism is “For His glory,” but her answer made our hearts melt!

It is true: God made us because He loves us. God made us for His glory, yes; but that is not the only correct answer to that question. He also created us because He loves us. Now, perhaps you ask, why does He love us?

I don’t know. The best answer I can give is He loves us because He loves us. He created us out of love—not because we’re so lovely, so kind, so smart. If we’re honest, we’re none of those things. He created us out of His abundance of grace.

But there’s another mind boggling truth to this answer. God has always loved you, Christian. There was a moment in time when you didn’t exist, but there was never a moment in time God didn’t love you. He loved you before He even created you.

Ponder that. Meditate on that today.

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  1. subpopgirl says:

    What an adorable comment! Praise God for these precious children!

    Great post for a Monday morning to start our week off so nicely!


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