Seeing God Fully

In Exodus 3 we read about Moses and the burning bush. Moses has to hide his face from the bush because he was afraid to see God (Exodus 3:6). This is an amazing part of Scripture where God manifests Himself and His glory—but not all of it.

If God were to have shown His full glory to Moses, Moses would have been destroyed by it.

And yet, when we pass on into Heaven—or when Jesus comes back—we will see God as He is, in His full glory. Christian, does that not make you so eager for glory, so expectant for Heaven? It sure makes me excited! We will see God, in His triune nature, in full splendor and glory. What a glorious day that will be.

Let this truth propel you to godly living. Though trials in life may weigh us down, the reality of seeing God fully helps us push through. Even when suffering knocks on our doors, we will answer with our head held high because we will be so focused on glory that this momentary suffering won’t cause us much pain.

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