Your Best and Worst Days

Most days I’m a spiritual mess. I wake up and check social media rather than the Bible verse of the day. Instead of spending five to 10 minutes praying, I continue to scroll through my Twitter feed or my Facebook memories, as if I would miss something that I couldn’t see later.

On top of that, I fail to keep God at the forefront of my mind all day. I functionally forget Him. I go about my day instinctively relying on my intelligence, my strength, my focus, instead of His.

When I get home, I realize how awful I’ve been. I pray, repent, and move forward to the text day when I can be “better.”

But here’s the beautiful, mind blowing news: I am equally justified in God’s eyes on my worst and best days. In other words, my performance is not factored into my standing before God. God doesn’t look at my performance, but His Son’s. And because my trust is in Christ—all by the grace of God (Eph. 2:8-9)—His performance is my performance.

Are you sick of failing spiritually? Do you climb into bed frustrated by your lack of spiritual disciplines? Is your need to check your phone over the Bible gnawing at you?

Don’t despair—God still sees Christ when He sees you. We have the righteousness of Christ; not because of our efforts, our works, or our strivings, but because of His finished work. Christian, don’t despair, but also don’t become complacent. Though you’re justified even on your worst days, don’t become okay with having bad days. Pursue holiness with all your might by the power of the Holy Spirit!

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  1. subpopgirl says:

    That’s me almost every morning, but on the days when I get up, go outside with the Bible, Praise God , repent of my sins, and pray others and put on the armor of God, I truly have a noticeably better day. Please dear Jesus, remind us to yolk up with You daily and learn from You. It is then and there that we will find rest for our souls!

    Thanks for your honesty and confession. You preaching is very humble and filled with God’s merciful fruit.

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    1. subpopgirl says:

      Yoke lol!

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