Stand Firm

Everything is falling apart around us. The culture is growing more antagonistic, the church is growing more divisive, and professing Christians are becoming apostate. It’s easy to look around at this madness and go crazy.

And sometimes that may happen if we don’t guard our hearts.

Friend, stand firm in the gospel. It’s a fight—not just with the culture that opposes the very message of the gospel, but also your own flesh, which fights against the Spirit daily. Stand firm on Scripture, for it is inerrant and infallible. If you haven’t already, you will eventually be around people who don’t believe in the Bible and who seek to persuade you that the Bible is incorrect.

Don’t let them. Rely on God’s promises and His faithfulness. Believe He will do what He said He will do. Sometimes it’s very easy to cave, to follow the ways of the world and disbelieve God and His Word, whether knowingly or not. This is why we must be all the more intentional in our attempts to stand firm.

Stand firm, Christian, on the gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is our firm foundation, where everything else is sinking sand. Trials may come, temptations will arise, and opposition will jump at you, so you must stand firm on this unshakeable truth: God is sovereign, He is good, He is for you, and He has saved you.

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