Keep Fighting

Sin is a menace. Each day it keeps rearing its ugly head, waiting for you to give in, waiting for you to succumb to its enticements. The fight is real—and it is difficult.

Brother, sister, friend—keep fighting. Are you struggling with sin? Keep fighting. Is sin habitually knocking you over? Keep fighting. Keep fighting by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Truth be told, we will keep fighting sin until glory, because we will never be completely rid of sin on this side of heaven. So everyday is a fight, each day is a battle. When our feet hit the floor in the morning, it’s time to fight, time to prepare, time to face sin head on. We can no longer passively wait for sin to come, but we must be active in our fight. Read Scripture, pray, fast—use the means of grace God has given and attack sin. We cannot ignore it until it comes for us. That’s when we lose.

Take heart, Christian—the fight may be tiresome and you may be weary, but Jesus has already won the war. He won it on the cross, by resurrecting three days later and ascending to the Father’s right hand. Take heart, glory will be here soon.

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