Pleasures Forevermore

Far beyond what sin can offer, there are pleasures forevermore in Jesus (Ps. 16:11). We don’t need to keep looking for ultimate satisfaction, for we have found it in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It may seem like sin is more satisfying in the moment, more pleasurable instantly. But it never lasts; it always leaves. Obeying Jesus in the midst of temptation will, on occasion, be difficult—but it’s always worth it. The feeling and satisfaction from obeying Jesus over our sin pales in comparison to the pleasures we receive when we obey sin. Sin’s pleasures last minutes; the pleasures we get by obeying Jesus abide.

Friend, are you struggling with temptation, stressed with your fight against sin? Are you fed up with succumbing to your lusts? Have you had it with the deceitfulness of your own heart? You need to do two things. One, thank God you are struggling, for the struggle reveals a heart for God. Though it’s annoying to struggle, it’s a good thing. Two, you will not resist temptation by white-knuckling it, but by believing the promises of Jesus far surpass the promises of sin.

There are pleasures forevermore in Jesus Christ. Amen.

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  1. subpopgirl says:

    Excellent and very well written in a truthful and encouraging way. We greatly appreciate your daily devotion. Just the right length and the posts resonate with us. It’s a perfect blend of biblical authority and wisdom given with the love and empathy of a fellow Christian. Thank you!

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