I’m a Christian—Now What?

When one is born again by the Spirit of God, everything changes. And with everything changing comes many difficulties, confusion, and lots of questions. Though we are filled with joy to be in Christ, we are left with the question: “I’m a Christian—now what?”

That is the question author Aaron Armstrong seeks to answer in several ways in his new book I’m a Christian—Now What?: A Guide to Your New Life in Christ, published by Lexham Press.

From understanding what happens at conversion to understanding true faith, Armstrong covers timely topics for new believers. “When you believe in Jesus,” he says on page 3, “you become a new person.”

That’s exactly right. From the beginning, Aaron does a phenomenal job of helping the reader understand what happens when people get saved. We don’t “turn over a new leaf” or just try to be better. No—we become a new person.

Further, he brings up three things that are essential for the Christian life. “Here are the primary habits you need to commit to, with God’s help: 1) Regularly reading the Bible, 2) Praying, and 3) Having a community of other Christians where you know them deeply and they know you deeply.”

This is so true. In order for a Christian to flourish, he must partake in these three things consistently. Regarding the church, Armstrong also listed qualities healthy, biblical churches must have:

  • Jesus is the focus.
  • Character is prioritized over skill.
  • The Bible is the standard.
  • People are known.
  • Sin is taken seriously.
  • Non-Christians are loved.
  • Compassion is a way of life.

New believers need to know what to look for in a church. These qualities are good. A church needs to have all of these to be faithful. And new believers must understand it’s vital for them to be a member of a healthy local church.

Armstrong says:

Being a part of a local church, just like reading the Bible and prayer, is critical to your life as a Christian. It’s the third leg of a stool that must be present if were not going to fall on our tails.

In the end, Armstrong’s work is very important. And though it’s cliche to say, I think the saying is very true—this is a timely book. If you’re a new believer—or even if you’re not—I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

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