No, Church is Not Boring

“People in awe never complain that church is boring.” (RC Sproul)

The gathering of God’s people—what we know as church—is a beautiful thing. It’s the furthest thing from boring, and yet that’s what many people say when explaining why they do not go to church.

Those who usually deem church as boring are not—like Sproul says above—in awe of God. They yawn at church and treat it more like a chore. However, Christians should treat church like kids treat candy stores—they should be full to the brim with excitement. And why is that?

The Fellowship

Being with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is deeply undervalued within the church today. In the day and age of online “church,” we need to place an emphasis on fellowshipping with other saints in-person and getting in the messy parts of peoples’ lives.

The people who you go to church with—even the ones you find extremely annoying—those are the ones you’re going to be spending eternity with. Get to know them. Love them. Care for them. Hear their heart. Being around other Christians is always exciting. Why? Because it’s refreshing.

Christians should treat church like kids treat candy stores—they should be full to the brim with excitement.

I’m naturally an introvert—so I still need time to myself to recharge—but I love being around other believers, definitely within my local church. Whether we are taking about gospel-related things or simply chatting about something random, it’s always good for the soul.

The Worship

I am not usually one to sing—and sing around other people. It took me years to feel comfortable enough to sing in front of other believers in the worship service. But there’s something amazing—supernatural, really—that happens when God’s people, with one collective voice, sing praises to Him. It’s heavenly.

And I’m not talking about having the music be up so loud like you’re at a rock concert. I’m taking about hearing the congregation singing—it’s a beautiful noise! Singing to the Lord with other Christians is a fantastic thing to experience.

The Preaching

If you don’t enjoy preaching, something is wrong. It may be the preacher in me, but you should get fired up for preaching! It’s sermon clips like this and this that show how wonderful it is to sit under gospel-centered, Christ-exalting, God-glorifying preaching.

Worship services ought to revolve around the preaching of God’s Word. The sermon should be the climax of the entire service, the culmination of our worship to God. When many people are bored by preaching, Christians are filled with excitement. To be sure, any Christian perhaps can struggle with boredom. That’s sinfulness in our own hearts that needs to be repented of. No Christian is perfect. But overall, preaching should be something we are excited for!

So, no—church is not boring. Those who are in awe of God and what He has done will not yawn at church. We may struggle, perhaps we’ll stumble, and we might just limp into the service, but we know how important it is and we know it should excite our hearts.

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  1. subpopgirl says:

    GREAT post! I love what you said about the singing, it is definitely a supernatural experience. I believe the angels in heaven are singing along with us.


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