Bye WordPress, Hello Substack

Friends, after doing some thinking I have decided to make a big decision regarding my weekly writing.

Beginning very soon—maybe with my next post—my weekly blog articles will come from my Substack newsletter, which you can subscribe to here (please!). If my blogs come to you via email, you don’t need to do anything. But if you read them from following me on WordPress, you’ll need to subscribe.

However, I will be keeping The paid plan I have for it will expire at the end of this year, so eventually you will see ads on it, but I am keeping the site to still display my contact information, book(s), and other information. It simply won’t be the avenue in which I make weekly content.

I don’t have anything against WordPress. I think blogs are still alive. Part of this is a monetary decision—I just don’t feel the need to pay for a plan anymore (though I am still paying for the domain). Another part is the accessibility of Substack and how it’s much cleaner.

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