Who Do You Care to Offend?

Left and right we turn to see people — friends, family, acquaintances, whomever — bend the knee to the sexual and moral revolution. What started out as “We just want equality” has turned into “We demand your approval.”

When writing about the sexual and moral revolution, there are a plethora of ways to turn. In this post, I want to address something more prevalent these days. We’ve gone from debating the morality and purity of homosexuality — which we still must do! — to arguing over whether or not we should use someone’s preferred pronouns.

The cultural Left has planted its foot firmly into the ground. It’s not moving. The Left clearly does not want to offend people. That’s all well and good. But the issue at play is who they don’t want to offend. Those on the left of the ideological fence dare not go against those who claim to be non-binary, gender fluid, or whatever phrase they’ll come up with next. It’s not that they are trying not to offend, but rather making sure they appease. It is pure pandering.

But in their attempt to not offend, they clearly offend those on the other side—those individuals who know they’re mothers, daughters, men, fathers, etc. It is those who are secure in their manhood or womanhood that the cultural Left doesn’t give a rip about offending. You want to put your preferred pronouns in your bio to make sure you come across as sensitive to those who are unsure? Go for it. But remember you’re offending a different set that knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who they are. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Science tells the truth about this issue, but the Bible is the truth on this. God created us male and female (Gen. 1:26-27). No mistakes were made. It was “good.” Is it possible for someone to be born with both types of anatomy? Yes, though rare it is. But that’s not what the whole debacle is about. It’s not about a deformity of sorts but of identity.

I am a man—through and through. However, if tomorrow I said, “I identify as female,” and changed my name to something more feminine, society would agree with me. Let’s stop playing games, though. It’s not equality that is the goal, but approval, affirmation. Don’t get me wrong: we must show compassion and love to those going through this—absolutely. But we also must not compromise on Scripture. If the Bible tells me one thing and society says the other, you better believe I’m siding with Scripture.

The pronoun police is patrolling the streets of society, making sure we use the correct pronouns of those who decided to change who they are. We will not, and should not, bow to that. We must be charitable, yes—but not compromising.

So, again, it’s not as if those on the Left seek to offend nobody. That’s not the case. They don’t mind offending those who know they were created male or female. They don’t mind offending those who know God created them a certain way. Specifically, they don’t mind offending conservative Christians.

Friends, this is a hill we die on—because the Bible is clear.

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