Beam of the Father’s Love

I don’t know how you feel about the puritans, but I love them. Here is a beauty of a paragraph from Puritan John Owen’s Communion with God:

Christ is the merciful high priest over the house of God, by whom we have access to the throne of grace. By Christ we have access and acceptance the with the Father. By Christ we believe in God (I Pet. I:21). Through Christ, then, we have access to the Father, we behold the Father’s glory also & enjoy fellowship with the Father in his own special love. All this we receive by faith. As we come to the Father’s love through Christ, so the Father’s love comes to us through Christ. The light of the sun comes to us by its beams. By its beams we see the sun, and by its beams the sun touches us. Jesus Christ is the beam of his Father’s love and through him the Father’s love reaches down and touches us.

p. 16

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