We Didn’t Want the Disruption

We had life just the way we wanted. Sure, there were things in life that could’ve been better. No life is perfect; there are always things needing updated or changed. But for the most part, life was good.

We may have given lip service to God but it was never more than that. Maybe we would pray when something bad happened and, well, something had to be our last resort. It just so happened to be the Creator of the universe.

We were in control. We were at the center of our lives—and everybody else’s. It wasn’t about our neighbor or the stranger on the other side of the world, but us. Call it selfish or “just focusing on me right now”—life was, first and foremost, about us. And that’s the way we liked it.

We knew things were fine. The family was good, finances were steady, and our health was wonderful. Nothing was in our way. Did we sometimes get too angry? Sure, but who doesn’t? And we often lusted—and even dabbled in pornography—but what person doesn’t do that? It’s normal! No big deal. And yes, we may lie on occasion to benefit ourselves, but what is a white lie going to hurt? Nothing.

We were in a “great” place. But then came the disruption. Everything changed. The “but God” disrupted us.

We didn’t want the disruption, however. Our flesh resisted and put God at arm’s length. Silly us, we didn’t realize God doesn’t play by our rules. If He seeks to change us, we will be changed.

We may not have wanted the disruption, but now we see the miracle of what happened. Now we’re thankful for the disruption. A divine disruption.

We were doing just fine living life how we so pleased. But then the Lord came in, and, through his Spirit, breathed life into our dead souls. He caused us to be born again (1 Pet. 1:3). He changed our stony hearts to fleshly ones (Ez. 36:26). He declared us, who were guilty, to be innocent. We were once enemies of him, now we’re his children. All because he disrupted our lives.

We didn’t want the disruption, but thank God he did it. Thank God he invaded our lives with sovereign, saving grace.

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