Blog Report 2021

Friends, it has been a fantastic year for my blog, Theology & Life! God has been gracious to bring more visitors to my site. Hopefully those people have been impacted for the better by my writing.

Last year my blog had a total viewership of over 11,000! I was thrilled with the amount of people reading my work. In 2021, that number has almost tripled! In total, my blog received over 32,000 hits this year!

To be sure, I don’t write blogs for the numbers. Yes, I have to resist the temptation of caring too much about numbers, but my goal is not to accrue a mass following. I write what I write because 1) I love to write and 2) I write to serve.

With that said, Here are the five most-viewed posts:

  1. Can You Hear the Congregating Singing?
  2. A Call for Gracious Calvinists
  3. Just Call Me Old-Fashioned
  4. An Unhealthy Craving
  5. Using the H-Word

Much of the attention my blog has received this year is in no small part due to Tim Challies sharing them on his A La Carte section of his blog. For that, Tim, I am grateful. Thank you.

You will continue to see new weekly blog posts on Friday, with a rare blog thrown in mid-week. That happens when I have a topic in my head that I can’t get out or if I have important news.

I am also in the thick of writing my second book, which is over how we are to trust God and respond to him when he says no to our prayers. Please pray for me regarding that. So if there’s a week I don’t write a new post, it’s because I’m more focused on the book.

Thank you all for reading my blog! I hope you continue to be edified by my writing. To God be the glory!

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