Supporting Theology and Life

Each week (with a few exceptions) I write about theology, life, and the gospel. Or at least something in that arena. Writing has become a true, abiding passion of mine. I plan to write for the rest of my life, to create content that (hopefully) edifies and blesses Christians around the world.

But in order to do that to an even greater extent–to devote more time, energy and money–I need your support. Would you like to be a part of seeing Theology & Life grow? I hope you do.

Below I am linking my Patreon page. You can sign up today for as little as $3/month — I promise every bit helps. Or you can give more–I won’t put a cap on your generosity!

If you can’t give, then please pray. Pray that I would glorify God through my writing and my stewarding of this blog.

If you’d rather give a one-time donation, you can do so. That information is below.

Thank you all for your support and, whether you choose to financially support or not, I am thankful you read my content and I pray it blesses you.

Become a Patreon

Paypal: @blakelong94

Venmo: @blakelong94

Also, check out my new book Gospel Smugness: Displaying Christlike Character in Evangelism.

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