Sometimes Life is Just Inconvenient

A couple weeks ago my family was at our local golf course. There is a kid’s playground there so we were enjoying watching Jovi have the time of her life on it.

All of the sudden my wife’s car–that was turned off and locked–decided to sound it’s alarm. It did that three times within the span of 30 minutes. At that point we knew something had to be wrong. Mind you, we just had parts of the transmission fixed. Now we will take it in for something else.

The local mechanic told us they couldn’t pinpoint the problem so we should take it to the dealer. So we did. And they fixed what seemed to be the problem. Except it didn’t.

After we made the hour-and-a-half trip to the dealership, they repair what seemed to be the problem–and we paid a pretty penny for it. That night, the same issue happened again. Just see for yourselves.

As you can tell from the above video, our car was demon possessed. Some type of electrical issue going on, quite obviously. But not only was this inconvenient, but sort of terrifying! Neither of us had seen it before. After the car alarm went off, the lights stayed on and all the lights inside the car began flickering.

Oh, and I forgot one important part. We purchased this car at the end of December–a mere four months ago. Needless to say, we bought a “lemon.”

We experienced inconvenience after inconvenience with this car and today, after much thinking, we decided to simply buy a new car. We figured we’d spend less money on paying for the tag, title, and tax than we would paying a massive car repair bill that might not fix the issue.

We simply thank the Lord He provided the funds to do so.

The point to this story is that we must not forget that the Lord is still with us even in the inconvenient parts of life. Sometimes life is just inconvenient. When this began (and persisted) it was easy to become frustrated. It was easy to be annoyed and complain. But the moment I complained God stopped me in my tracks. If God spoke audibly today, He would’ve been saying, “You have it good. I have blessed you beyond measure. Stop your whining.” Conviction.

How do you respond when life gets inconvenient? What is your gut reaction when your car falls apart or the A/C unit in your house stops working in the heat of summer? It’s okay to admit it: your first reaction is to complain. But we are told in the Bible to not complain, to not grumble about anything (Philippians 2:14). Further, we are told not to worry (Philippians 4:6). Even in the midst of inconveniences and uncertainty, we are to trust in the Lord. Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t take action and figure out what needs to be done, but that we are not to complain, worry, or fret in the process.

These situations are always inconvenient. For many people it’s more than inconvenient–it’s a dire situation. In our case, we are thankful for God’s grace that we could afford to do this. But not everybody can. Still, I say, continue to trust in the Lord. When God tells us not to be anxious in Scripture, He doesn’t make exceptions. Since we believe God is in control, since we believe He has our backs, since we believe He’s not aloof to our troubles–we should not worry. Ever. Period.

The moral to the story is this: even in times of deep inconvenience and frustration–in times when it’s human nature to be stressed–God still calls us to not worry. He still commands us to trust in Him. Even in the ordinary inconveniences of life. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason is simply to help you rely more on Him.

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