Introducing the Five Solas

We have been saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, according to Scripture alone, for the glory of God alone.

If one were to say, “Tell me your Protestant without telling me your Protestant,” I believe a good way to answer that would be to explain the five solas, like the above italicized sentence:

“We have been saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, according to Scripture alone, for the glory of God alone.”

The five solas are what makes Protestants Protestant. It is what defines those who are carry that label. These five slogans are the rallying cry for those who protest the distorted teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. I would contest that each one of these phrases should be a non-negotiable for Christians. All Christians should affirm and believe in the five solas. There isn’t really any wiggle room.

To be sure, I don’t mean Christians should be able to repeat the Latin phrases verbatim, but they should understand, affirm, and believe all the truths they convey: grace alone, faith alone, Christ alone, Scripture alone, for the glory of God alone! No truths are more precious than those five.

Beginning with this blog post as an introduction, my plan is to cover each of these solas more in-depth each week. This week, of course, is merely a runway, so to speak. But I strongly believe that any Christian should understand what we believe–and the five solas are, you could say, the foundation of what we believe about God, salvation, the Bible, and the gospel.

My hope is, through these next five blog posts, you will come away with a deeper joy and thankfulness regarding what God has done to save us. He could’ve left us in our sin, but yet, He did not. He could’ve required us to do it all on our own, but yet, He knew that wasn’t possible. He could’ve sent us all to Hell already, but yet, He allows us to live.

The gospel we believe, the gospel we affirm, the gospel we cherish–it is a gospel of unmitigated grace. God shows Himself as the ultimate grace-Giver through these five slogans.

So yes, this is merely an introduction. But it’s an introduction to whet your appetite. It’s an introduction to ready your heart. It’s an introduction to assure your soul. Be ready to ponder and meditate on the wonderful works of grace that God performs. Friend, He overflows with grace. He is rich in grace and mercy (Eph. 2:4). There is none like God.

These five slogans are just that: slogans. They speak to a bigger reality. A larger picture. A majestic painting. So, I don’t want you reading this and the next five posts simply learning more, but savoring more, treasuring more, and glorifying God more. This may have been a mere 500 words of an introduction, but my prayer is that it made your heart eager to see how God works.

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  1. pamela ♥ says:

    I look forward to these posts. Thank you for your diligence.


    1. Blake Long says:

      Thank you, Pamela!


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