4 Months Until Launch Day

I can’t begin to express how excited I am for Gospel Smugness: Displaying Christlike Character in Evangelism to be released. If I caved in to my natural do-everything-as-quick-as-I-can tendency, I would release it tomorrow. But, alas, that’s not good marketing (definitely for a first-time, self-published author).

But I know—I just know!—that these next four months are going to fly and July 5 will be here in no time.

I’m being dead serious when I say this: I really, truly believe in this project. What kinda of author would I be if I didn’t think my work would benefit the church? I believe all Christians—whether mature or immature in the faith—should read Gospel Smugness. I sincerely pray God uses it to bless many people.

Are you an ebook reader? If so, you can preorder Gospel Smugness today:

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