A Slight Change to Theology & Life

One of my biggest pitfalls in the writing process is I’m too quick. I get a thought in my head, write them down in my notes like my life depends on it, and then give it a round or two of quick editing. And then, once I publish it, I still notice a couple of errors.

I love writing blog posts twice a week. I enjoy creating more content that, I hope, is convicting when appropriate and always edifying.

With that said, I’m convince I can serve my readers even better by only writing one blog post a week. That gives me far more time to come up with a blog to write, create notes, and then actually prepare it in WordPress. It gives me even more time to slow down and think through what I’m trying to say. In doing so, my writing will be improved and, therefore, the reader will be more encouraged and strengthened in the Lord.

I still plan on posting five links to other material on Sunday, as I think it’s important to not only create, but share other important blogs. In this section, I try to share links to blogs written by not well-known bloggers. Even for my blog I don’t have a tremendous amount of traffic, but I can still do my part in showing other blogger’s work!

My goal is not to merely publish content that reads well and is grammatically correct. More than that, I want to publish content that is biblically sound and faithful to the Lord. I want to publish content that is not hasty, but slow and steady. I try to not publish content based around current events—enough people are doing that—although I will do it from time to time if I simply can’t get the thoughts out of my head. Anyway, above all else, I want my content to glorify the Lord. I think I will do that best—and in turn, serving the reader best—by publishing only once a week.

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