The Future of my Blog

When I began Theology and Life, it was simply a hobby, an avenue to hone my writing abilities, and a great way to teach others about how theology impacts life. And it always will be. Yet, I have an aspiration to make this blog bigger. I want to create more edifying content for you.

These past two years, my blog has received attention from several times,,, The Gospel Coalition, The Aquila Report, and other resources. And I’m so grateful for that.

In order for me to produce more edifying content and devote even more time to it, I will need your financial support. I would love to make the site bigger and better, but I need help with that.

Have you benefited from my writing? Consider becoming a Patron of Theology & Life. If you click on the link below, you will see different tiers. The more you commit to give each month, the more benefits you’ll get from me!

You can give as little as $3/month to even $100/month — I’m not limiting anybody’s generosity! You can have as little as voting rights to my next blog post to having discussions with me about any theological concept, if you’d like.

Thankful for all who choose to read my work.


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