5 Notable Articles of the Week

The Thorns I Can’t Escape

Chris Thomas with a fantastic post here: “I like to imagine the joy Adam must have felt when harvesting a crop without entangling himself in thorns. Not a joy born out of comparison—he’d never known it to be any other way—but a joy born from deep contentment that this was good, just as God had declared it to be.”

Voddie Baucham Medical Emergency

Voddie Baucham is going through a difficult trial and needs our help. Please donate!

Ravi Zacharias and the Judgment of God

Collin Hansen with a sobering word: “I know many people who loved Ravi Zacharias, near and far, for how he helped them live a more confident and knowledgeable Christianity. His books and lectures convinced thousands that they could trust God, that they could trust the biblical authors, that they could trust him as a reliable guide into the mind of Christ. Now we know he violated that trust, in some of the most heinous ways we dared not imagine.”

Becoming a Better Writer (Video)

Barnabas Piper with great advice on writing.

How to Leave a Church (Podcast)

Hershael York, Mark Dever, and Jonathon Leeman talk about an important subject.

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