5 Notable Articles of the Week

Overcoming The Fear of COVID-19

Josh Buice calling for a biblical mindset regarding COVID: “There is much debate about the how and the why of COVID-19, but let’s be certain about one thing—whatever it is and however it came to us—it’s a real sickness that kills people. However, we must look at life through a proper biblical lens.”

How To Start Your Own Blog in 2021

Stephen Kneal with wisdom for bloggers.

Singing in the Dark

Tim Challies: “Yet I’m confident there is one who understands what I cannot. God reveals himself as the good Father who searches and knows the deepest recesses of my heart. His Son is the very Man of Sorrows who is intimately acquainted with grief and who can sympathize with me in my every weakness. Through it all, his Spirit intercedes with groanings too deep to utter, too deep for words. I’ve found special comfort in these, the Spirit’s groanings, for I myself have often been able to do little more than that. My prayers have often been devoid of words, yet full of meaning.”

Do Not Neglect Your Bible

Tom Ascol calling on the wisdom of JC Ryle: “The words of J.C. Ryle from the 19th century answer these questions in an insightful and straightforward way by calling us to give ourselves to a sincere devotion of the written Word of God. We need to heed this counsel as much today as did believers in his day. May the Lord grant us grace to do so.”

Providence by John Piper

This is not an article but just a friendly heads up that John Piper is releasing a weighty book on the providence of God soonish.

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