5 Notable Articles of the Week

Three Dangers of Busyness

This one from Kevin DeYoung at Servants of Grace (adapted from his book Crazy Busy) is a gem: “When we are crazy busy, we put our souls at risk. The challenge is not merely to make a few bad habits go away. The challenge is to not let our spiritual lives slip away. The dangers are serious, and they are growing. And few of us are as safe as we may think.”

What It Means to Love Christ

Jim Elliff get it right here: “Love as God models it is therefore true affection shown in his action. Love is the tree and action is the fruit. Our love is that reciprocal affection we have for Christ that is demonstrated in action, obedience, and compassionate labors. You cannot divorce the two, but affection leads.”

Why Expositional Preaching?

Tom Buck with a needed “why”: “One of the commonly used phrases at G3 Ministries is “as goes the pulpit, so goes the church.” We believe that whatever is coming out of a church’s pulpit will shape that congregation more than anything else. This is why we believe that the main role of any pastor is expositional preaching.”

The Dangerous Idolatry of Christian Trumpism

By David French: “A significant segment of the Christian public has fallen for conspiracy theories, has mixed nationalism with the Christian gospel, has substituted a bizarre mysticism for reason and evidence, and rages in fear and anger against their political opponents—all in the name of preserving Donald Trump’s power.”

What I Saw at the Jericho March

Rod Dreher with his thoughts of this awful Christian Nationalism stuff: “I watched because I wanted to see how far the Christian Right — for the record, I am an Orthodox Christian, and a conservative — would go to conflate Trump politics and religion. Pretty far, as it turns out. Right over the cliff.  You had to see it to believe it.”

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