5 Notable Articles of the Week

Four Weeks Later: Family Update

“I feel the need to say that in all the pain and through all the tears, none of us have wavered in our conviction that God is good and that God expresses his goodness through his sovereignty. Nick’s death was not a mistake and was not meaningless, even if we cannot see its purpose and the significance right now. None of us have raised a fist to the sky. Though each of us longs for answers, none of us have demanded them. These little bits of clay will not demand answers of the potter.”

One Year Later

“Our longing for Christ’s return has grown. Loss has a profound effect in loosening your attachment to the world. This desire doesn’t make us passive about this life. Just the opposite. Because time is short, and life is fleeting, there’s work to do. People need to know Jesus and place their trust in him. This urgency has led to the start of a new ministry called Knowing Jesus Ministries. Many people are not prepared for the season my family has walked through over the last year, and yet we know these seasons will come for all of us. Our country is filled with people that have inaccurate views of Jesus, shallow and unbiblical theology, who struggle with conforming to the culture, and are not prepared for the suffering and afflictions that come in life. Our mission is to make the real Jesus known.”

How to Be a Blessing in Times of Turmoil

Ligon Duncan providing valuable insights on how to be a blessing during difficult times.

In Praise of Slow Reading

“But there are some benefits to slow reading I’ve discovered. The first benefit is that being able to linger in a work long enough to absorb not just the words but the spirit of a book. I’ve found this matters quite a bit to me. It’s one thing to remember the overall thesis or claim of a book, but it’s another to have connected with it closely enough to know what kind of book it is.”

Are Masks a Conscience Issue?

Erik Raymond stepping on a lot of toes…but I’m with him on this one: “I do not believe that conscience is a valid reason for refusing to wear a mask to church. Christians should save the conscience for conscience issues. Instead, call this what it is: civil disobedience.”

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