Whoever wins, Jesus is Lord

As we all anxiously wait for the presidential election results to filter in, I know it can be easy to lose hope. We want the person we voted for to win. As Christians, I would hope we’d want the country to be ran as close to biblical values as it can be.

As we see results come in, there is one important thing, above all else, that we should remember. What is it?

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is not only Lord over you; He is not only Lord over the church; He is Lord over everything. That includes being Lord over America’s political system.

Whether we have a Biden/Harris administration for the next four years (at least) or have four more years of Trump/Pence, as Christians, we must not place our hope in a political party.

Will there be things that change if Biden wins? Absolutely. This includes putting the Hyde Amendment back into place, attempting to pass the EQUALITY Act (could impact religious liberty), possibly raising taxes, etc.

And if, under a Biden/Harris administration, it ever got to a point of severely impacting our religious freedom, do you know what we’d do? Continue to preach the gospel, despite opposition. At that point, the “obey God rather than man” command would become reality in a real way.

On the flip side, President Trump is not our savior. Jesus is. I saw an advertisement of a woman wearing a shirt that proclaimed, “Trump is my King.” Yikes. You can commit idolatry with either political. Trump is not the end-all-be-all. He has his own major issues that are, for many Christians, too glaring to overlook in the name of simple policy preferences (including myself).

Anyway, although I think it’s arguable that Trump’s policies are more aligned with biblical values (save me the “Evangelicals for Biden” spiel), that doesn’t mean there aren’t things about him that are downright ridiculous.

Friends, hear me please. Don’t put your hopes in the political system. Jesus is Lord over it all. Whatever happens this election cycle will happen because Jesus ordained it to be so. If Trump wins, we can surely expect something akin to the last four years. If Biden wins, we will be in for some changes. Regardless, it’s not as if God is up in heaven biting His nails, anxiously waiting to see who wins. God has already chosen the winner. And whoever wins should be prayed for, regardless of political views.

Trust in the Savior, not your politician. Jesus is going to reign either way.

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