I am Writing a Book

Ever since I became a Christian–coming up on six (!!) years now–I began to read vigorously. I was never a reader before then, but getting saved led me to read more and more.

The more I read, the more I wanted to write. Hence the reason why my blog exists. I love writing blog posts to help serve other Christians but I also do it because I simply love to write.

For the longest time, I’ve told myself (and my wife, Shale) that I wanted to write. The desire has never waned but I never could figure out what to write about. Moreover, I couldn’t get over the erroneous thought that I would not be writing anything new; it wouldn’t be anything people haven’t heard before.

But that’s not true. It might be the same message but with a different spin on it: my writing style, my personality, etc. You also write for the people you know will read it. You write to serve.

With that being said, I am officially going to write a book. I don’t have any clue how long it’ll take. Maybe it’ll take months or maybe years. All I know is I want to start the process.

What will the book be about?

One of my blogs from around May 2019 was entitled, “The Gospel is Offensive, but You Shouldn’t be.” I am going to take that message and expand it into a book. Whether it’ll end up being 50 pages or 150 pages doesn’t really matter. I want to expound on that message.

This blog post–along with another one on social media–have been the two posts that have gotten a fair amount of traffic. They both were linked to Tim Challies site. I don’t say that as a humble brag, I promise; I simply say it as a fact.

The one about the gospel being offensive was picked up not only at Challies but also ChurchLeaders. And it was linked at Monergism. Because of that, I decided to write on that more. At least I know it’s a good message.

I won’t be blogging for awhile

The point of this update is to tell you I won’t be blogging, at least not for a long while. I want to devote my time to writing this book. Whether I try to get it published by a company or self-publish, I don’t know, but I simply want to finish it. I want to know that I can at least write a book, even if only one person reads it.

So, with all that being said, please pray for me. I am not naive to the strenuous process of writing a book. I am sure to encounter many obstacles along the way and undoubtedly will want to quit many times. Please pray for endurance, strength, and my need to rely on the grace of God during this process. And please pray for my wife, as she’ll have to put up with me through it.

More than anything, pray that God is glorified. Each time I write a blog post I have to fight the temptation to be selfish; I have to fight the urge to make it about me, not God. Again, I write to serve the church. That’s what I want to do. I write to, well, write; but I write ultimately for the glory of God. Which is the reason I always put the following at the end of each post:

Soli Deo Gloria

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