God’s Grace in our Lives

Ordinarily, I write about theology and how it is applicable to our lives as Christians. From time to time, though, it’s necessary to write about more personal things. I wanted to write a blog about things that are going on in our life right now. Of course, most who see our (mine and my wife’s) posts on Facebook know what is happening in our lives, but I thought it might be beneficial to write about it.

Pondering all the things happening in our lives, I could truly write for days. With that being said, I will focus in on a few major things that are happening and how we are relishing in His grace because of it.

26 Weeks & Counting

Shale at 26 weeks pregnant on April 6, 2019

As most know, my wife, Shale, is pregnant. She is 26 weeks along as of today. By God’s grace, this pregnancy has been completely normal and our little girl, Jovi Grace, is progressing wonderfully.

Shale is incredible. She really is. I can’t imagine going through what she goes through on a daily basis. Thankfully, she hasn’t had morning sickness at all (which is surprising). Of course, she deals with pregnancy pains every so often and other things, but God has been incredibly gracious to her (and me!).

We are at the point now—and have been for a while now—that we can feel Jovi kick. At this point in my life, there is not a better feeling in the world than to feel my little girl’s kick! I get ecstatic every time I place my hand on Shale’s stomach, eagerly awaiting the kick of Jovi on my hand. It’s beautiful. It’s special. It’s a miracle.

One of the things I cherish the most is that she can hear our voices. When we get up in the morning, Shale says that Jovi is kicking hard. It’s so precious to know that she starts kicking because she hears us.

Shale is due officially on July 13, so by every indication, we will have a July baby. We both thank God for His grace during this pregnancy.

End of the School Year

Shale and I were talking recently about how she only has seven more weeks of school. The wonderful thing is that, since this will be the end of her third (!) year teaching, she will then be a tenured teacher at Latta. I can’t begin to express how proud I am of her!

Shale is not just a teacher to her kids, but a role model. She truly loves her kids, and it’s practically the first thing she wants to talk about every day when I get home from work.

In these days, a teacher who truly cares about his/her kids is hard to come by. I am grateful to God to be married to someone who has such an immense love for her kids and wants to see them flourish in the real world. She is a Special Education teacher, so she has, what can be at many times, a tough job. She is the perfect person for the job.

I could ramble on for days at my admiration of her, but my point is that I am so extremely proud of her, not only because she is almost a tenured teacher at a school she loves to teach for, but what type of teacher she is to her kids. She teaches them, yes, but more importantly, she loves them.

Seminary with MBTS

Starting tomorrow, I will be in my fifth week of this term. I am currently taking one class, which is Sermon Prep Practicum. I meet with my field supervisor (Paul Wilson, one of my pastors) each week to discuss my required reading and other things pertaining to preaching. (Thank you, Paul, for all your help!)

Once this class is over, I will have one class left, Sermon Delivery, which will end on June 26. I will officially be done!

I have loved seminary so far, but I have to be honest: being behind a computer screen makes it quite monotonous. Definitely, in normal classes (not the practicums I am taking right now) the most interaction you get is through the discussion board. This is not to say that this has not been beneficial—it has been extremely beneficial and I’ve learned a lot. It is more of a point to say online learning doesn’t compare to residential.

Nevertheless, we are both rejoicing because I am almost to the finish line. I’ve been at this for almost two years and I am so eager to be done. Again, I thank my wife because she has been my biggest supporter, encourager and, at times, critic when she needs to be.

Being Members of Sovereign Grace Bible Church

Shale and I continue to be richly blessed by the ministry we are under at SGBC. Each week, we experience treasured fellowship, informative Bible studies, and sit under Christ-exalting preaching.

Being a covenant member of this church has come with challenges, and rightfully so. The church you’re a part of should shepherd you in a way that encourages and convicts you, and ultimately points you to the Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We couldn’t ask for more!

Thankful for His Grace

I wanted to take the time and explain more thoroughly how God has shown His grace in our lives so far.

Of course, I left out one tiny, 37-pound detail: our dog, Dundie. Dundie is something else, y’all. He is cute, cuddly, energetic, and smart. He is also very stubborn. But we love him. He’s been such a good dog for us. We both think he will absolutely love it when Jovi arrives!

Anyways, I just wanted to write on those things and, ultimately, point you to Christ, who is the greatest gift of all. God is so gracious not only in giving us these things on earth, but His greatest gift was giving us salvation through the sacrifice of Christ! Let us be thankful.

Soli Deo Gloria

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