The New Intolerance

In case anybody forgot, conservative* evangelical Christians hold to the same basic tenets of the faith that have been around for 2,000+ years. We will defend those beliefs at all cost, even at the cost of our lives (because Jesus is worth it). Therefore, this means we believe things that some people–mostly on the Left–findContinue reading “The New Intolerance”

Why We Need to be Intentional with How We Use Social Media

Social media, just like other types of technology, has blessings and curses. If you don’t understand that, you’re likely to fall into the trap of using it for sinful purposes. That is why we need to be intentional with how we use social media. We are Christians. As such, we should use our God-given wisdomContinue reading “Why We Need to be Intentional with How We Use Social Media”

Does Philippians 2:12 Teach Salvation by Works?

As Protestants, we champion the doctrine of salvation grace alone through faith alone—by Christ alone! We have firmly planted our feet in the Protestant sand, and that will never change! However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some texts of Scripture that make us scratch our noggin if we don’t understand the context. One ofContinue reading “Does Philippians 2:12 Teach Salvation by Works?”

Stop Putting Caveats on the Sovereignty of God

Recently I was sitting in a car repair shop when I noticed the tiniest bug on the lobby table. Since I was annoyingly bored, I simply stared at it. The more I stared, the more I became aware of the astounding fact that God is in control—even of that tiny bug. Scripture forthrightly tells usContinue reading “Stop Putting Caveats on the Sovereignty of God”

The Bible is the Most Reliable Document. Here’s Why.

In our day and age, there has been no other historical document put under more scrutiny than the Bible; there has been no other known document in existence that has been more studied, more criticized than sacred Scripture. And yet — in my opinion, along with many others — it is still standing. And itContinue reading “The Bible is the Most Reliable Document. Here’s Why.”

Why We Need to Talk about God’s Wrath

Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God. – Romans 5:9 It’s a frightening thing, the wrath of God. It’s also a real thing. Many evangelical pastors are too afraid to address it because it might drive people away. ProfessingContinue reading “Why We Need to Talk about God’s Wrath”

The Gospel is Offensive, but You Shouldn’t Be

The world in which we live today is full of people who are easily offended. From “safe spaces” at universities to unconstitutional attempts to tear down free speech because of what is being said, the world wants us to know something: they’re offended. I get why they’re offended because I know the message we preach—theContinue reading “The Gospel is Offensive, but You Shouldn’t Be”

How We Should Respond When God Says No

During our first pregnancy, my wife and I pulled into the hospital parking lot, both eager and anxious to see our baby for the first time via ultrasound. I parked the car and we decided that we needed to pray. We prayed, of course, for everything to go smoothly. Everything did not go smoothly. GodContinue reading “How We Should Respond When God Says No”

#WorshipWednesday – A Theology of Worship

For this week’s #WorshipWednesday, I am linking an article by Kevin DeYoung at The Gospel Coalition. In it, DeYoung writes about the theology of worship: what it’s ultimately for, what it’s focused on, what it’s based on, among other things. Churches would do well to follow this. Click the link below: A Theology of Worship