Two-Minute Tuesdays: Citizens of Heaven

I am going to attempt to do a new thing at my blog, where each Tuesday I create a two minute video where I encourage, edify, or bless listeners in some type of way. In the below video, I talk about what it means to be citizens of Heaven.

Book Update

I wanted to provide you guys a brief update on the book process. Getting very excited!

Theology of the Week: Trinity & Prayer

In this video, I discuss how we experience the Trinity in our prayers. I have written in length about experiencing the Trinity in prayer–among other ways–but I thought I would do a short video over it as well.

Theology of the Week: Justification by Faith Alone

About a week ago I told my wife I wanted to start shooting video content for my blog. She suggested doing some type of material where I talked about a theological doctrine that is impacting me each week. So, I did. Of course, this is my first video, so the quality isn’t amazing and the…