Is That the Worst You can Do?

“The assured Christian may smile with contempt upon all his enemies, and say, ‘Is this the worst that you can do?’” (John Flavel) Christians are not the popular kids at school anymore. Each day we wake up living in a society that, for the most part, wants nothing more than to see us crumble. ThisContinue reading “Is That the Worst You can Do?”

The Difference Between Harsh and Foul Language

In one scenario (and in many others), we see Jesus again confronting the Pharisees. However, in these confrontations Jesus wasn’t flipping any tables but was also not mincing words when it came to how He felt about the Pharisees. Ponder these piercing words Jesus speaks to the Pharisees: “You brood of vipers! How can youContinue reading “The Difference Between Harsh and Foul Language”

Pondering the Prevalency of Critical Race Theory

If you’ve been watching, there has been talk about this thing—worldview, analytical tool, whatever—called Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT is, in my perspective, an anti-Christian worldview that seeks to categorize different cultural issues like gender, ethnicity, etc. in attempt to better understand and combat racism. However, from what I see, it does exactly the opposite.Continue reading “Pondering the Prevalency of Critical Race Theory”

Purchase Gospel Smugness (Through Me)

Hello everybody! I just received a bulk order of my first book, Gospel Smugness: Displaying Christlike Character in Evangelism in the mail. I wanted to make this book available to you through me, if you didn’t want to go through Amazon. I have 30 copies. If you would like to purchase one through me, youContinue reading “Purchase Gospel Smugness (Through Me)”

We’re Always in Gospel School

When I took my last class in high school, I had the privilege of walking across the stage and throwing my cap in the air. I had graduated high school. Four years later—an even bigger accomplishment—I was blessed to do the same thing, except from college. And two years after that I had the distinctContinue reading “We’re Always in Gospel School”

When Repetition is a Good Thing

There are many contemporary Christian worship songs that, when used during Sunday service, are put on repeat to the end that they are simply mind-numbing. There is no substance, only emotion. The mind is not being used. It is thrown out the window in the name of an “experience.” Is it inherently wrong to haveContinue reading “When Repetition is a Good Thing”