Sometimes Life is Just Inconvenient

A couple weeks ago my family was at our local golf course. There is a kid’s playground there so we were enjoying watching Jovi have the time of her life on it. All of the sudden my wife’s car–that was turned off and locked–decided to sound it’s alarm. It did that three times within theContinue reading “Sometimes Life is Just Inconvenient”

Navigating the “Social Justice” Debate

If you’ve peaked your head into the news realm in the past few years—specifically as it pertains to evangelicalism—you will undoubtedly see the discussions centered around one concept: social justice. (Even though it’s not the greatest term to use.) This term has greatly divided the body of Christ. Faithful Christians aren’t agreeing, metaphorical walls haveContinue reading “Navigating the “Social Justice” Debate”

God Loves You.

Start your day off believing, cherishing, and meditating on these three breathtaking words: God loves you. God’s love isn’t like the culture’s love—one of transaction or a if-you-do-this-I’ll-do-that type of love. God’s love isn’t a Hallmark love. It’s a covenantal. It’s a love that compels you not to remain in your sin. It’s a loveContinue reading “God Loves You.”

Understanding Biblical Dual Citizenship

What does dual citizenship mean? Glad you asked! Dual citizenship means that an individual is an active citizen of two countries and shares in the responsibilities and privileges of both. The most common ways dual citizenship is achieved is by, for example, being born in the United States to immigrant parents. Or, being born outsideContinue reading “Understanding Biblical Dual Citizenship”