The More (Elders), the Merrier

If you look at the average Southern Baptist (or even non-denominational) church, you will quickly notice it’s a one-man show. In other words, there’s only one pastor. Quite frankly, nobody blinks an eye because it’s normal. But just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s the most biblical. When searching for a church home, one ofContinue reading “The More (Elders), the Merrier”

Can You Hear the Congregation Singing?

“We have a ginormous worship team,” Jared C. Wilson tweeted recently. “It’s called ‘the congregation.’” This tweet, though tongue-in-cheek, is quite precise in its criticism. It speaks to a glaring issue within the evangelical church. When most churches want the worship team to be large, flashy, and concert-like, we need to regain the beautiful, harmoniousContinue reading “Can You Hear the Congregation Singing?”

Getting Behind The Death of Porn

The Death of Porn: Men of Integrity Building a World of Nobility is a one-of-a-kind book. It is not your ordinary how-to-stop-looking-at-porn book, but one that attacks it from a different angle. It focuses on creating a movement–“building a world of nobility”–and he invites us to come along. “That’s why I wrote this book–to startContinue reading “Getting Behind The Death of Porn”

Looking for a Church? Church Discipline Should be on Your List

Church discipline is a tough subject. I get it. Who wants to talk about something as weighty as that? And even more, what does church discipline actually look like? However, we must talk about it. Why? The church is made up of sinners. Any church to attend, you will find a group of sinners thatContinue reading “Looking for a Church? Church Discipline Should be on Your List”

Total Depravity and Clinical Anxiety

During my senior year of college, I was lying down on my bed one evening reading some tweets from a Christian theologian. As I continued scrolling, suddenly I began to feel extremely cold. As the coldness set in, my heart — from out of nowhere — started to pound like I had just run aContinue reading “Total Depravity and Clinical Anxiety”

Why the Church Needs Expository Preaching

The pulpit drives the church. There is no question about that. The culture, theological understanding, and overall atmosphere of the church has a direct correlation with the method and content of the preaching each Sunday. If the preaching is shallow, the church—as a whole—will be shallow. In other words, shallow preaching produces shallow Christians. WithContinue reading “Why the Church Needs Expository Preaching”