God Has Satan on a Leash

The internet is filled with memes. Some funny, others distasteful. Then there are theological memes. Many are quite accurate; others, however, are downright horrible. You may have seen one notable, cringeworthy meme. Jesus and Satan are having an arm wrestling match—we’re just not sure who has the upper hand! Eternity hangs in the balance; it’sContinue reading “God Has Satan on a Leash”

Why Christians Care So Much about Abortion

You may have noticed in the news recently the Supreme Court of the United States, in a 5-4 decision, decided against blocking a controversial Texas law regarding abortion. In the words of Michael Scott, “How the turn tables.” For decades now, Christians have seen states pass heartbeat bills only for them to be struck downContinue reading “Why Christians Care So Much about Abortion”

Just Call Me Old-Fashioned

“I am one of those old-fashioned ministers who believe the whole Bible and everything that it contains.” (JC Ryle) You can replace the word ministers in the above quote with Christians and it’ll have the same effect. Oh, you’re one of those Christians, some may say. You actually believe the entire Bible is true? WhyContinue reading “Just Call Me Old-Fashioned”

The Christian Distinction

Many people claim, whether ignorantly or not, that all religions are the same. They profess that Christianity, Islam, Judaism, et al teach the basic general tenets: love your neighbor, do good, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want done to you etc. This erroneous claim fails to understand the true teachings of each religion (which IContinue reading “The Christian Distinction”