Hello, my name is Blake Long. I am 27 years old and am married to my wife, Shale, who is a Special Education teacher. We have been married for four years now.

We have two little girls, Jovi and Piper. We also have a dog, Dundie–yes, for you people who love The Office, he is named after The Dundie Awards–who is crazy, hairy, but very sweet and rowdy.

I received my BS in Mass Communications (concentration in mass media) from East Central University and did my MTS in Preaching and Pastoral Ministry at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I am currently working for a philanthropic nonprofit organization, although it is an aspiration of mine to eventually be in ministry, whether vocationally or bi-vocationally.

My wife and I are covenant members of Sovereign Grace Bible Church and have been for five years now. We are richly blessed by our church.

My work has also been featured at The Gospel Coalition, Challies.com, For the Church, 9Marks, United? We Pray, Servants of Grace, Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Monergism.com, and The Aquila Report.