Don’t Overthink Evangelism

I am an unashamed golfer. I grew up around the game and began playing competitively by age 6. For the longest time, it’s all I ever knew. From the feeling you get when you hit a perfect shot to draining a long putt (or doing something like this), golf has always been my favorite sport.Continue reading “Don’t Overthink Evangelism”

Ministry Shouldn’t be Entered Hastily

About two years after I became a Christian, I sensed the tug on my heart to be in pastoral ministry. Early on as a new Christian, I desired to not only preach God’s Word, but to counsel God’s people. For me, however, the latter has always been tough for me, since I’m naturally an introvert.Continue reading “Ministry Shouldn’t be Entered Hastily”

The Gospel is Offensive, but You Shouldn’t Be

The world in which we live today is full of people who are easily offended. From “safe spaces” at universities to unconstitutional attempts to tear down free speech because of what is being said, the world wants us to know something: they’re offended. And being offended is the new virtual signal. I get why they’reContinue reading “The Gospel is Offensive, but You Shouldn’t Be”

Whoever wins, Jesus is Lord

As we all anxiously wait for the presidential election results to filter in, I know it can be easy to lose hope. We want the person we voted for to win. As Christians, I would hope we’d want the country to be ran as close to biblical values as it can be. As we seeContinue reading “Whoever wins, Jesus is Lord”