5 Notable Articles of the Week

Three Things to Remember when Critiquing Someone’s Theology "Critique—done well—is a gift to the one being criticized. We should welcome the opportunity to have our thinking corrected and clarified. We see through a glass dimly, and God has gifted the church with teachers who often see things more clearly than we do at present. In … Continue reading 5 Notable Articles of the Week

Disagreement Doesn’t Equal Hatred

There’s a hilarious episode of The Office where an employee--ahem--uses the bathroom in Michael Scott’s office. While waiting for it to be cleaned, Michael looks over at Stanley (who is African American) and says: “I am a victim of a hate crime. Stanley knows what I’m talking about.” To which Stanley, rather annoyed, retorts: “That’s … Continue reading Disagreement Doesn’t Equal Hatred

Do you care more about politics than Jesus?

This year has been one crazy ride--and it's still not over! Of course, we are still dealing with racial tensions and the coronavirus, but we have all been dealing with the ever-annoying, nonstop ruckus that is the 2020 election. Even though the election is over--yes, it's over--we are being inundated with claims of fraud and … Continue reading Do you care more about politics than Jesus?